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Discover the Three Critical Mistakes Stopping You From Earning Money From Your Writing And The Simple Secret for Fixing Them

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Are you frustrated that your talents as a writer are going to waste? Well we’re here to fix that. Change that with a membership to You’ll get access to tutorials, classes, job listings, case studies, training modules and so much more. These resources work together to help you further refine your craft, expand your toolset, and identify and pursue lucrative writing gigs. If you’re serious about being a professional writer, you need to stop imagining yourself as a writer and start pursuing that dream.

WriterHelpWanted Success Checklists

  • Finding Your Writing Market Checklists – Module 1 of our program provides you with 34 market ideas and plenty of ways to enter them. Use this brainstorming sheet to help discover the right one for you.
  • Working with Clients Checklists – Use these pricing and invoicing checklists and brainstorming sheets to find the right approach for your clients.
  • Content Creation Checklists – Whether you’re creating content for yourself or your clients, these checklists will come in handy for self-editing, finding a writing style and coming up with persuasive headlines, phrases and more.
  • Marketing Checklists – Whether you’re growing your list or marketing your products, this section has some handy checklists for you.


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