Teaching Interview


Your Basic Guide to Acing Any Teaching Interview – Get this interview guide now and discover the inside secrets to acing your next teacher interview

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Veteran educators Adam Waxler and Marjan Glavac can help you change your next interview into a fulfilling teaching career with their eBook “Your Basic GUIDE to Acing ANY Teacher Interview”. Thousands of teachers are looking for jobs. Stand out from the crowd with Adam and Marjan’s expert advice on everything from acing the interview to creating a cover letter and resume that puts you ahead of the competition. Find out the one secret to landing a teacher interview and then go in prepared with 25 practice questions you’re sure to be asked. Find out what YOU should ask administrators so they know you’re serious about teaching for their school.

Learn how to find teaching jobs using social media—sometimes even before the position is advertised. Download this must-have GUIDE (plus 6 bonus guides!) so you can get started on the path to a successful teaching career today!


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