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It started with a buzz on my cell phone….It was about my mother. She had been battling some health issues, and thus far it was an ‘unknown disease’. She was being rushed to the hospital. They really had no way of treating it. Experts flew in from everywhere.

It went on for months. Until she became TRAPPED in her own body, unable to communicate or even Ultimately… she choose to end her life. No, she didn’t silently one night kill herself. She took advantage of some laws in her home state, which allowed her to ingest an actual death pill…

Her demise was scheduled on a Monday morning. I painfully remember the days leading up to that Monday. The state provided assistance in what was needed. She took her Pill. She took a lot longer to go than she was supposed to.

I held her in my arms as she breathed her last breath, whispering to her that her children would all be ok…You’d think I’d have a minute to mourn for my Mom. I didn’t have a second.

…I was trapped in a relationship with an abusive girlfriend that I didn’t know how to leave.

And guess what?

When you’re over 25K in debt to the IRS they don’t accept installment plans. How kind of them.They would be levying my bank account soon… I took a low paying IT job to try to stop the bleeding…

But I lost that job… On my 26th birthday. 2 days before Christmas.

With no end in sight to this real life horror film…I turned to the bottle…One shot led to another. And before I even knew what was happening…I was a raging alcoholic.

I know it seems hard to believe that all this could happen to one person in a single year. I didn’t believe it either.

Which is why I had to drink enough to make sure I never had to face it.That’s why I embraced death that night in the car…


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